Opportunity cost because of not having the right resources is certainly heartache to any business, and we get it.

Be on the winning side
with our managed staffing services.

Marquee Clients

Marquee Clients

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Make your Company Agile

Be protected by having an in-house legal team who understands your business and provides tailor-made legal solutions and services.

There are two use cases where managed staffing might be the right solution for you.


Your company does not have a legal team but you see the need to have access to ongoing legal support from professionals who understand your business, industry, and products/services.


You have a legal team, but you are looking for additional resources owing to a surge in the volume of work for a short duration or you need to replace a team member for a few months, or you need interim support for a few months  when you are hiring for a full-time resource.(in the time between the exit of your last employee and until you hire your next legal counsel)



We can start tommorow

Dedicated Support

Get our dedicated team of lawyers to handle your work than relying on one resource 


No increase in headcount or payroll compliances.

Performance Management

We provide the resource and manage the performance.


No Infrastructure, IT, Employee Welfare overheads and fraction of the cost of hiring a senior lawyer

How Managed Staffing Works

Step 1

We conduct independent assessment to see if your requirement and our services align. we understand and prioritise legal standards you follow.

Step 2

We train resources who will be employed to you to stream line your process and to obtain approval on projects. 

Step 3

After steps 1 and 2 are completed in 1- 2 working days, We start working on the real time assignments to ensure that there is no further loss of time.

About Scgb

Scgb Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an entrepreneurial venture established in April 2022. Scgb Solutions helps companies tackle the problem of growth around talent.

We provide solutions to your organization’s talent acquisition problems. We help in specialized recruitment and managed staffing, and also by providing tools and building ecosystems to bridge our client’s and candidates’ specific needs.

Why Scgb

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Agile workforce

Time to deploy Scgb's ready-to-work legal team = Profit.

Time taken to hire, train and retain legal talent = loss and opportunity cost.

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Client Satisfaction

Our clients love us and keep coming back to us because we work, rework, and will not stop until they are happy.

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We understand that there are business dependencies tied to our deliverables. Delivering on time is our foremost priority.

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No compromise on Quality

One of our biggest strength is providing detailed oriented work.

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We believe in being partners than service providers. We take complete ownership of the work assigned to us so that it addresses your needs in a wholesome manner. 

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Protect your company and cover your legal risk and win in the short term and long term

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will receive a response from us within 1 working day.

Besides, hiring for Legal managed staffing, we also handle In-house and LPO recruitment for our clients.

Thank you for your interest. Please book your slot below.

Our team will reach out to you within 48 hours. We can discuss this further and based on your requirements, we will send out customised proposals to suit your needs.