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Looking for Recruiter (Non - IT)​

reinventing hiring

Who is hiring?

A young startup from Bangalore solving problems in the employment ecosystem

Eligibility Criteria

  • Talking to people

  • Analytical Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Agility to sell
  • Social skills

  • Helping people

  • Passion for winning
  • Build a connect with people
  • Understand and analyze purpose
  • Collect, separate, scrutinize
  • Studying behaviors

What can you get

CTC of 3 LPA

Work from Office

at Jayanagar Bangalore

What is not relavent for us?

  • If you have a strong reason to be a recruiter, we dont need to see your Cv 

  • Your skills are enough

  • All we need is your passion to be a recruiter

Reason for change
  • We all have a past. Let's start afresh!

  • The professional world is for all.

  • Compatibility trumps/above age


the recruiter role

If you are excited to listen to stories about the journeys & aspirations of job seekers and if identifying patterns in their story is your superpower, become a recruiter to guide them in defining their career path.

We are hiring ‘RECRUITERS’ for our team. Wondering how is it different from a regular job opening? Here is how. Apply with us WITHOUT sending us your CV. We believe there is more to a candidate than just a CV. We don’t need your CV in any part of the selection process expect in the document verification stage. Show us you are the best fit at different stages of the selection process and start working with us.

Download the Job Description

The process

30 days freelook policy

Is there a catch? No. In fact, there is an advantage to the candidates. We offer ‘30 days Free look policy’ where after joining you are not happy with working at SCGB, you are free to resign by just providing 1 days’ notice and we are promising there will be no questions asked. If you are to walk out at SCGB’s discretion, 7 days’ notice will be given to you. You will be provided with the relieving letter and be paid for the duration that you worked.




What would you expect after 30 days?
We follow 2 months period of probation (1 month of which you would have ideally completed).
We assess employee on the basis of values of SCGB which we adhere to.
Upon Confirmation of your employment, you become entitled to a number of below listed benefits-
1) Leaves
2) Incentives
3) Rewards & Recognitions
4) Eligible to participate for a being Scgbster, which comes with its own benefits (which can be discussed in the interview and upon confirmation)

Questions you might have


No, This is a complete work from office job, we are located in Jayanagar 7th Block, Bengaluru

You have to work for 9 hours  and the office is open from 9 to 7.

While having the experience or skills related to recruitment is certainly an advantage. However, it is not mandatory. We will be providing training after you join. All we need you to know is the ability to learn fast, good english communication skills ( written and verbal) and a great attitude

Your CV will not be necessary during the selection process. However, we will ask you for your CV at the time of document verification before we roll out the offer

After your employment is confirmed (i.e., after the completion of your probabtion period, 2 months)

Yes. We provide a 7 day notice during the probation period (except for misconduct)

If you are happy with us, you can continue working at SCGB and you will be required to provide a 7 day notice period if you intend to resign during your probation period.

Yes. All employees are eligible.

As a recruiter, you would be spending your day in sourcing for and contacting candidates, screening/ interviewing them, assessing their suitability and sharing the inputs with the clients


SCGB is a driven and boot strapped start-up. We are embarked on a journey to solve problems in the employment eco-system. We build products, solutions and provide services to solve these problems.

Currently we provide ‘Specialized recruitment services’ in Legal, Sales, HR, Finance and Marketing and also ‘Managed staffing services’ in the domains of Legal and Marketing.

Scgb's Mission and Vision​

Scgb's culture

At Scgb we believe in the concept of starting at home first and we constantly strive to make Scgb a fulfiling workplace. Care, love and respect are the underlying principles of our culture. We want to build a team of inspired co-owners (rather than a team of employees) who share our vision and have the drive to solve problems that can create an impact. The personal growth of employees is a priority at Scgb and we have multiple activities around the same. Take a chance with us if the thrill and the hustle of working in a start-up with a young and driven team is your thing.