Crafting Product Design Solutions for Mom-and-Pop Millet Brands

  • Client: Nutriio
  • Category: FMCG
  • Tags Packaging Design

About the Client

Nutriio is a home-based millet product brand that is redefining traditional nutrition. Inspired by the rich heritage of Indian cuisine, Nutriio offers a range of porridge and health drink mixes infused with the goodness of dates and nuts.

Problem Statement

Balancing budget constraints with a desire for impactful shelf presence, Nutriio seeks innovative packaging solutions without the need for costly dye production. Seeking to stand out amidst competition, they aim to captivate consumers' attention and establish a distinct identity on store shelves while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

In crafting the packaging design, we focused on creating a versatile solution suitable for every member of the family, from grandparents to infants. Our approach involved incorporating elements that resonate with all age groups, ensuring inclusivity and broad appeal. By employing vibrant colors and a charming mascot, we captured the attention of children while maintaining a sophisticated aesthetic to appeal to adults. Additionally, the packaging was designed to be user-friendly and practical, accommodating the needs of busy parents and elderly individuals alike. This holistic approach ensured that the packaging not only stood out on store shelves but also resonated with consumers across different demographics, fostering a sense of unity and family bonding.



As a result of the packaging redesign, the brand successfully secured coveted placement on the shelves of major supermarkets alongside established competitors. This enhanced visibility enabled greater exposure to target consumers and increased foot traffic to the product display area. Additionally, the revamped packaging garnered positive attention from shoppers, leading to heightened brand recognition and customer engagement. Ultimately, the brand's improved presence in retail environments translated into tangible sales growth and market expansion opportunities, solidifying its position as a competitive player in the industry.