From Clinic to Care Haven: Transforming Shivam’s Maternity Hospital Branding - Scgb Solutions

  • Client: Shivam Mother & Child Care
  • Category: Healthcare

About Client

Shivam, a gynecologist based in Bangalore, sought to elevate their brand identity as they transitioned from operating a clinic to establishing a maternity hospital. With a reputation for expertise in their field, they envisioned creating a memorable brand experience for expectant mothers in Bangalore.

The client presented two main challenges

  • They had a traditional name for the hospital and were reluctant to make changes to it, limiting opportunities for nomenclature
  • they desired to establish a distinct brand identity in a competitive market, emphasizing the unique experience their hospital would offer.​



To address these challenges, we conducted an extensive brand survey to understand the aspirations and preferences of the target audience. Leveraging the insights gained, we developed a comprehensive branding strategy that included designing a logo representing the bond between mother and child. Additionally, we focused on spatial branding within the hospital to create a welcoming and memorable environment for patients. Utilizing illustrations instead of photographs contributed to the brand's distinct visual identity.

Our efforts resulted in the successful delivery of the branding project, transforming the maternity hospital into more than just a healthcare facility—it became a recognized brand synonymous with trust and care. The combination of a compelling logo, thoughtful spatial branding, and engaging visuals helped Shivam stand out in the competitive healthcare landscape, resonating with both patients and caregivers alike.