From Street Truck to Green Oasis: A Bold Branding Transformation for Urban Gardening

  • Client: Urban Gardener
  • Category: Plant Truck
  • Service Branding

About the client

A unique home decor brand selling décor from a mobile truck, to expand their offerings to include plant sales via a similar mobile setup. Discover how our innovative branding strategy transformed Urban Gardener's image, seamlessly integrating plant sales into their existing business model and enhancing their market presence.


  • Limited vehicle modifications permitted by regulatory constraints.
  • Constrained by a tight budget for printing expenses.
  • Unable to resort to painting the yellow color due to feasibility constraints.

Our Approach

After conducting an exhaustive analysis of the brand's needs, we embarked on a creative journey to craft a captivating design. Employing innovative techniques, we adorned the truck with eye-catching doodles and imbued it with a distinct brand identity through our meticulously crafted logo.

By infusing the brand's identity into every aspect of the truck's design, from captivating doodles to a distinct logo, we succeeded in crafting an immersive brand experience. This strategic overhaul resonated deeply with our target audience, leading to a remarkable twofold increase in foot traffic and customer inquiries. This substantial growth not only solidified the brand's presence but also set a promising trajectory for future expansion and success.

Our Approach