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Our permanent recruitment vertical can fulfil your organisations hiring needs despite of all sizes. We are best known for fulfilling positions through our state of the art recruitment process and  we posses a candidate database of 1 million enriched profiles.    

What does an ideal candidate look like for the management

Hiring managers are under more pressure to find the ideal candidate who will effortlessly integrate into their organization and bring value with:

  • Adept business understanding: Expertise in coordinating our efforts to meet your business goals.
  • Analysis of the gaps in skillset: A database skill set of potential employees that may be accessed at any time.
  • Time to fill: In most cases, the number of calendar days it takes to recruit and hire a new employee is determined by the number of days it takes for the candidate to accept our offer of employment.
  • Time to encash the resources: Time to encash invested resources and uncollected earnings sitting in receivables available to our business.
  • Training resources: Workbooks, exercises, courses, programs, assessments, and other resources are examples of training materials that candidates can use for training reasons.
  • Motives: Unparalleled help at every step of the way for permanent recruiting at all levels of management.
our expertise
our process

To determine the needs and requirements of the client, we combine independent research and interviews to gather context and relevance and evaluate the impact of sales and revenue.
We also evaluate and consider the client long term goals and growth in association with us.


Apart from marketing, we also look through our ever-growing  internal and external databases to find the right candidates.

Our HR specialists will pre-screen the candidates and will remove clutter and will qualify eligible candidates to the next round of assessments


We curate best-in-class assessments prepared by experts for our specialist recruitment and managed staffing.

Candidates who pass through the tests are then run through by our team who excel in conducting in back ground verification. 

Candidates who clear the assessments are then called for face to face interviews with clients for the last round of selection.

When the position is filled, The selected candidates are finalized, and we start the on-boarding process by rolling out offer letters meanwhile candidates who did not make it are updated about the status and are given constructive feedback. These candidates will then become a high priority for our future job opportunities. Therefore keeping our interview experience top-notch.

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