Hiring a skilled
Digital Marketer SEO Specialist Performance Marketers PPC Specialist
is tricky, but not with us

Our Search Process


Know you

We combine Multiple meetings and independent research to better understand our client's expectations and requirements.



Conduct campaigns to source relevant candidates.



Conduct telephonic pre-screening interviews to find the candidate who fits the role.



Conduct technical interviews and assessments to further filter candidates that are eligible for the role.



After the selection of eligible candidates, we share the documents and preliminary information to the clients.

Looking for a digital marketing professional ?
SCGB can help you hire at

Any Level , Any Specialization



Mid Level

Entry Level

About SCGB

Scgb Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an entrepreneurial venture established in April 2022. Scgb Solutions helps companies tackle the problem of growth around talent.

We provide solutions to your organization’s talent acquisition problems. We help in specialized recruitment and managed staffing, and also by providing tools and building ecosystems to bridge our client’s and candidates’ specific needs.

Why Scgb

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We curate the best-in-class technical assessments in the industry from Digital Marketing intern roles to Manager and Specialist roles.  

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Client Satisfaction

Client satisfaction and delivering on the promise are our speciality and priority.

We have 95% client retention.

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We document the entire process and provide you with Personal inputs of each candidate. 


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No compromise on Quality

We put quality over quantity.

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Get access to digital marketers from all niche and experience levels from our unlimited internal and external databases.Click here to get started

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Wider pool of networks

Access to a wider pool of  connections with us. We have an extensive list of accomplished clientele, who has had positive experience. 

We help you hire Experts in Domains like

SEO specialists

Performance Marketers

Chief marketing officers (CMO)

Digital PR

Social media marketing manager

Marketing Automation Specialist

E-mail Marketing Manager

Programmatic Specialist

Paid advertising Manager

Product Marketing Manager

PPC Specialist

Content Marketers

Marketing Analyst

Growth Hacker

Content Creators

Director of Conversion Rate Optimization

Creative Strategist

Marketing Operation Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Our services include recruiting on an Immediate basis. We will send in the first batch of relevant candidates within 7 to 10 days.

We check on our placed candidates bi-monthly for 12 weeks and address any cultural or performance issues. If any.

If such a situation arises, we guarantee a replacement for a candidate within 12 weeks. These terms and conditions are subject to change if the company handles layoffs.

Thank you for your interest. Please book your slot below.

Our team will reach out to you within 48 hours. We can discuss this further and based on your requirements, we will send out customized proposals to suit your needs.