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A managed staffing program is commonly used when a business is wishing to outsource its staffing needs. The goal of a Managed Staffing Program is to recruit for and fill as many staffing requests as possible for the client.


benefits of managed staffing
  • market expertise
  • process efficiencies
  • technology expertise
  • program scalability
  • compliant practices
  • spend visibility and cost savings
  • Unparalleled help at every step of the way for permanent recruiting at all levels of management.
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Step 1
Discover Clients Business

To comprehend business clients' or brands' demands, strategic initiatives, end goals, and marketing outcomes, a campaign's procedure must be followed.

Step 2
Identification of vision, mission, culture (Identify)

How will you realize our vision? It's how the workforces interact with consumers and the community

Step 3
Crafting the job description

Job crafting is when people change their work assignments and connections with coworkers to personalize their jobs.

Step 4
Creating Assesments for the candidates (Position)

 Using the information provided, a position's job description is analyzed for internal equity and external competitiveness.

Step 5
Inviting applications & Sourcing Candidates

Preventatively seeking out qualified job prospects to fill unfilled positions, rather than reactively assessing resumes and applications received in response to a job advertisemen

Step 6
Conducting Telephonic interviews

This process will determine if a candidate's qualifications and work style are a good fit for an open position.

Step 7
Sorting in buckets (Close)

Only when the input ranges in size are evenly distributed may bucket sort be helpful to make things easier.

Step 8
Schedule Interviews

The recruiter will receive the hiring manager's list of interviewers and panel members.

Step 9
Gather Feedback from clients

Feedback should be company-wide. Frequent customer satisfaction checks ensure pleased consumers.

Step 10
Iterate for better performance

Iterator and for-each loop are faster than a basic for loop for collections that do not allow random access.

our mission

We want to enable workplaces to easily find inspired workforce & workforce to easily find fulfilling workplaces"

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To connect opportunities that creates peace progress and harmony

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