About Scgb

Scgb Solutions Pvt Ltd. is an entrepreneurial venture established in April 2022. Scgb Solutions helps companies tackle the problem of growth around talent.
We provide solutions to your organization’s talent acquisition hassle, which are specialized recruitment and managed staffing, and also by providing tools and building ecosystems to bridge our client’s and candidates’ specific needs.

We are

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Our mission

We want to enable workplaces to easily find inspired workforce & workforce to easily find fulfilling workplaces

Our Vision

To connect employment opportunities that creates peace progress and harmony

SCGB Solutions epitomizes not just a corporate entity but a dynamic driving force committed to propelling organizations and professionals toward their loftiest aspirations. We appreciate that the journey of growth transcends the mere attainment of goals; it is a constant battle against challenges and an unceasing evolution. Anchored in a philosophy of innovation and fortified by a bedrock of expertise, SCGB stands as the dependable partner for businesses seeking to surmount complexities, access enduring support, and surmount temporary obstacles that may hinder the realization of their objectives. Our distinct approach spans a broad spectrum of business requisites, rendering comprehensive solutions for a myriad of demands.

Under the aegis of SCGB Solves, we import a wealth of experience across the legal, marketing, and creative domains to your very threshold. Our dedicated consultants labor relentlessly, ensuring your success while pursuing mutually beneficial outcomes. Concurrently, our SCGBConnect division offers superlative recruitment services tailored to legal, marketing, and creative vocations. For businesses hunting top-tier talent and professionals in pursuit of fresh opportunities, SCGB Solutions acts as the quintessential catalyst for growth. We further provide specialized services through our Ala carte Solutions, meticulously crafting results to meet specific business exigencies. Furthermore, SCGB takes immense pride in introducing Kyamme, a brand meticulously designed to empower talent across the Indian subcontinent, offering an array of opportunities, mentorship, courses, events, tools, and merchandise, all strategically engineered to facilitate professional excellence. At SCGB Solutions, we forge the essential links between talent and opportunity, propelling businesses to thrive. Journey with us into a transformational experience that elevates not only your workplace and career but the very fabric of your future.

Our Team


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